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Jeff Oakes


Jeff started in the tanning industry in 1992 working for the original ETS, Inc. After leaving, he founded Nichesoft in 1996 after realizing there was a need in the tanning software market for simple to use software. TanTrack was released officially in 1999.  The company has grown from a one-man shop to a well established business in the tanning industry with many employees. In his spare time,  Jeff enjoys dark humor including “dank” memes and just about anything to do with being active and outdoors.  He also very much enjoys spending time with his two children.  Most evenings, he can be found “killing kids” as he puts it on Oculus VR (Rec Room Paint Ball).  Yes, sometimes that includes his own kids, or even tanning industry professionals if they dare join the game and challenge his deadly skills.  Nerdy gamer name provided upon request.

Patrick Darrah

Sales Associate

Patrick joined us in 2014.  He has been a great asset to our team.  He is quite outgoing.  We are frequently finding him busting a move while on support calls.  In his spare time he competes in amateur body building and break dancing competitions.  These are not individual events.  They are done simultaneously.  In 2019, he gave up his body building and break dancing aspirations and joined our sales team to bring his excellent technical expertise and sales abilities into a single desk!

Brian Johnson

Customer Success Manager

Brian has been with the team for several years.  He joined us back in 2013.  He is quite fond of renaissance fairs and has secretly planned to overthrow the current king.  In his spare time, he enjoys dressing like Robin Hood and stealing from the rich to give to the poor.   Like many of our employees, he enjoys liquor although he tends to make his own.  The secret concoctions however are not to be messed with.  Many local missing pets seem to be reported when large batches of liquor have been infused.   We’re pretty sure it is strictly coincidence.  Here kitty kitty!

Matthew Iannone

Customer Success Associate

Matthew joined our team in 2021.  An Army veteran, recently returned from Cambodia where he was touring in an Ex-Pat Hard Rock Mariachi fusion band, he brought discipline and top secret skills to our team.  In between calls, you’ll often find him doing push ups, and eating really spicy Cambodian food.

Julia Gruber

Customer Success Associate

Julia joined our team also in 2021.  Nobody has ever seen her without her mask so the running office bet is that she is a KGB spy or a superhero.  We do know that she is able to leap tower computers in a single bound so the strong bet is on super hero.  She has been a great addition to our team and at the very least is a super hero to us.

Remi Allen

Customer Success Associate

Remi joined our team in late 2021.  Also an Army veteran, he brings the cool Jason Statham accent and hairdo to our team.  Yes, that includes the five-o’clock shadow.  His hobbies include disassembling active IUDs (not to be confused with IEDs), working out, and watching cooking tutorial videos by Gordon Ramsey and Jamie Oliver.  He hopes to someday open a café called “Wankers” back in the UK with his wife.  Their staple dish will be the typical English breakfast but as you guessed, that will not be sausage on your plate.

Shahriyar Memon

Senior Software Developer

Shahriyar joined us in 2019 as a recommendation from his uncle Aamir (former team member and trusted advisor).  Highly recommended by his uncle, he had some seriously big shoes to fill.  Turns out Aamir wore a size 10.  And Shahriyar wears at least an 11.  Uncle was right!  Aside from limping around because of shoes that were too small, he’s an amazing software developer and has been a huge asset to the team!