We are in the business of building relationships and for that reason, we hire the most talented individuals to serve on our team.

Below are some of our most senior team members.
You may have spoken to one or many of them on the phones or at industry events.
Jeff Oakes
Jeff Oakes

Jeff founded the company in 1996 after realizing there was a need in the tanning software market for simple to use software. The company has grown from a one man shop to a well established business with several staff members and a large suite on the top floor of a bank building. In his spare time, Jeff enjoys just about anything to do with being active and outdoors. He also very much enjoys spending time with his children.

Leigh Anna “Hold My Beer” Landsberger
Sales Manager

Leigh Anna joined the Nichesoft team in 2014 after working at Massage Envy where she was the envy of the other masseuses.  Often found retrieving items from the top shelf (usually liquor bottles) and opening jars for the older women at the salon.  She found herself wanting a change.  In her spare time she enjoys long hikes to White Castles, drinking whiskey shots or just shots of anything really, and eating odd flavored jelly beans.

Michelle Haggard
Sales Associate

Michelle joined our team in 2015 and moved her way into sales.  She is a mother of two and has an odd smell of rotten eggs that seems to follow her around as of lately.  In her spare time, she enjoys eating spicy tacos and is an aspiring entomologist.  She also enjoys wine.  A… Lot…

Brian Johnson
Brian Johnson
Support Technician

Brian has been with the team for several years.  He joined us back in 2013.  He is quite fond of renaissance fairs and has secretly planned to overthrow the current king.  In his spare time, he enjoys dressing like Robin Hood and stealing from the rich to give to the poor.   Like many of our employees, he enjoys liquor although he tends to make his own.  The secret concoctions however are not to be messed with.  Many local missing pets seem to be reported when large batches of liquor have been infused.   We’re pretty sure it is strictly coincidence.  Here kitty kitty!

Kendall Stearns
Support Technician

Kendall joined our team in 2013.  He too has been a key member of our support team.  He is the only member of our team to have the distinct super power of not aging.  In his spare time, he enjoys following all things Batman, attending comic-con and other -con events.  Possibly even ex-con.  He has a strange affinity for Skittles candy.

Patrick Darrah
Support Technician

Patrick joined us in 2014.  He has been a great asset to our team.  He is quite outgoing.  We are frequently finding him busting a move while on support calls.  In his spare time he competes in amateur body building and break dancing competitions.  These are not individual events.  They are done simultaneously.

NOTE: Nearly everything written above is fictional. 🙂